any way to make meth without using ephedrine or pseudoephedrine?
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Jake Blues
2005-09-07 14:16:16 UTC
Have heard a rumor that the pharm industry is reformulating the cold
meds to omit, or severely reduce, the pseudoephedrine so speed cooks
will be SOOL. Any way to synthesize meth without using pseudoephedrine
or ephedrine?
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2005-09-08 13:46:29 UTC
The rumor is true. All cold meds in my area now contain phenylephrine.
2005-09-09 05:21:10 UTC
you can make ice outta p2p which is containted in gun blue, gun

2005-09-11 00:48:11 UTC

that's nonsense unity

Phenyl 2 Propanone isnt used in gun bluing or were you just being
2005-09-12 12:07:33 UTC
2005-09-15 10:24:41 UTC
true --but it isnt in bluing as far as I know
that gun bluing is just an urban myth
2005-09-15 13:27:12 UTC
I agree..people have to do research..
2005-09-15 22:55:07 UTC
Hey cooker - any reeference to teh canadian yeast method of
benzaldhide=> ephed & benzaldahyde => PPA.

and Phenylpropamine(*sp) witll get you meth and a "cooler" ice version
if you will play with Zyklon B (4-methylamerex using cynaide)

The were a lot of discussion efforts put into using PAA(phenylanaline
and ammiuno acid that costs $20 for 50 graqms. It is a 6 step proicess
unless yuyr are the first to get the Kobe reaction to work (33% yeal -
but it is dex). But that is all that the "nazi method" puts out too.

P2P - those were the days - but the mercury contanimation was a horror
- they shut it down cause "knouckelheads were dumping mercury used in
process in watersheds - or maybe because its illegal or addictiove -
dont know.

Me personally I have always wanted to meke "dextro-methAmp" by starting
with only l-ephedrine or L-suzy; according to Worlock. you only get 75%
of the L isomer unless you optically col. purify it.

Read the hive archives; curbshot had a contest once on different ways
to dream about breaking the law; and pulling that magic 25 year term

Did yoyh know that you can commit manslaughter 3 times and jjust about
+ the mfr sentance. Thin sis crazy
2005-09-17 19:02:01 UTC
P2NP will directly reduced to Benzendrine (speed) very cleanly...about
the mecury issue it happens when kids start fucking with chemistry..u
only need enough to do the Al amalgan (Al/HCL2)..is in the range of
milligrams..if cooking up to 150grams..
if u are doing pound of product they are other reducing methods but
SWIM will have no part in that...that can turn this dream into a

Benzalhyde is easy to find..search and u should find...
2005-09-23 23:11:16 UTC
The "new" otc ingredient most are switching to can also be made into
meth but it takes more red p and I to do it

email as less said on groups the better
2005-09-25 12:57:46 UTC
Most of the gakks being put in can be beat currently. Povidone/PEG are
the two main issues and they can be beaten with a series of
xylene/touline/mineral turpentine presoaks though xylene is the
preferable NP solvent.
2005-09-25 20:17:12 UTC
STE works ok...
2005-10-05 22:13:54 UTC
scuse ignorance: STE = ?
"new" OTC ingredient = ? (not ephedrine or sudafed isomers) but in
place of? or is new inert ingredients to make it harder to esxtract?

This has never been an econmically attractive process anyway. "Way
back when," certain experts in the field were known to buy ephedrine in
order to make d-meth for special occaisions and friends. For
production runs p2p was the preferred route (and the Hg comes out in
the wash by the way.)

Now tell me, are you suggesting the reductive amination can be done
with Al/HCl in similar yields??? Maybe, never tried it. Fe/HCl works
but don't know about yields and don't remember enough thermo to guess
about relative efficacy.

"Way back when," certain other experts were known to use amalgamated
roofing material. Don't guess this stuff had a lot of Hg in it. Maybe
Sn? Anyway, same also used NH2CH3 gas and watched the p(NH2CH3) for
sudden steady decline. Often took up to a whole day to get going.
Many routes to p2p.. Watch for a Br-acetone FAQ in the near future.
Might do a PCP FAQ too just to give the "down"side a little
representation. Also nitropropene route works but would want to check
whether the reduction can be done with Fe/HCl & MeNH2. Metal hydrides
being costly little devils and hincty to manage ..'specially that LiAl
2005-10-25 07:21:12 UTC

ste=straight to e
amalgamated roofing material--wtf! are you on about here!

the amount of mercury is negligable in the reflux method with the old
time---when I was a player before I got hit
and quit for good
over-the-counter benzyl methyl ketone for 154.00 for a 4 l bottle
methlaine in water 33bucks for 45 liter bottle
and mercuric cholride damned cheap and for five lbs you only needed a
dash--what's this mercury poisoning shit you heard!
More mercury in a can o tuna nowadays!

oh--and a bit o li-alum-hy or strips of alum and some boiling chips

um um good chili

Now its all crap

I am curious as the this NEW ingredient in the NEW improved cold tabs
that is supposed to be
as easily used as suedo but I dont see any in my area at
all---midatlantic--as meth isnt an issue here

I am curious as to if it could be birched or what it even IS so I could
play with the molecules in my head and come up with a likely scenario
Not that I would be taking my flasks down out of storage anytime soon
or anything but when there's a will there is a way

I have heard of arranging to have pure chinese sudo muled to the usa
for 1500 a key so that would be a way I suppose
and red p is as far away as the canadian border if you change up cars
and such as Im sure they ask for your id and take pictures but then if
you are that determined you would know that anyway

new routes are the way to look at this picture
new routes and new variants that utilize the unwatched
plaiin old Joe